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Tomax is now a Demandware company.

Enabling the industry's first enterprise unified platform for omni-channel commerce. Powered by the cloud.

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It doesn't take a lot to convince retailers that the challenge of managing both online and physical stores should come together as one platform. Now Demandware and Tomax combine to get the job done.

One customer. One platform.

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" is the realtime platform that connects our brick and mortar stores and web channels together so we can serve our customers anywhere, anytime."

Gregg Melnick, President, Party City
More than just good looking

How about bringing some of the magic of the online and mobile world into the store? A good idea, we say.

What You Don't See provides a mobile solutions architecture based on the most advanced, scalable cloud technologies in the world. It's the foundation for building reactive, intuitive apps that can be integrated into any backend environment.

World Class Architecture
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"L.L. Bean has been managing channels as a basis for a consistent customer experience for years. is our realtime retail transaction platform and integral element of our omnichannel customer experience."

Greg Elder, Vice President Stores, L.L. Bean
The Elephant in the Room

It's not omnichannel, or multi-channel. Its retail

Getting retail done today is about having the backend infrastructure, data, and API's to provide realtime visibility to inventory, pricing, customers and transactions across all stores and channels. For most retailers, that's a problem. brings the online and store data together to support a single customer experience.

How It Works

It all starts in the cloud...

We start by bringing your existing data into the cloud, lighting up realtime mobile, POS and store operations apps in the store. Our POS is customizable to support a wide variety of tablet, mobile and traditional configurations with guaranteed availability and blazing speed. becomes a single app and data platform for integrated retail management.

" is a trusted partner and is our single, strategic platform for real-time transaction management, operations and analysis of our US store network."

Rob Noller, CIO, Swarovski NA

With, everything is connected. Take the cost and complexity out of stores, and into the cloud. Not only does this transform the economics of retail technology, it means that everything happening in stores and across channels is resolved in a realtime view of sales, inventory, transactions, and customers.

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